echnical Management and Services, LLC
A Procurement, Contract Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management Consulting Firm

Our Services

The following are our main services and areas of expertise, along with the typical activities that are performed:

Strategic Sourcing
We can provide a wide variety of strategic sourcing solutions for clients looking for cost reduction by evaluating and improving purchasing activities within specific divisions or across the enterprise. We utilize a comprehensive methodology that begins with the firm and market-level assessment in both direct and indirect expenditure areas, to the sourcing solution delivery and the tracking of quantifiable results for continuous improvement and cost optimization.

Our activities in this service area include:
  • Purchasing / Buying strategy development and execution
  • Vendor sourcing and selection assistance
  • Direct and indirect expenditure category services / assistance
  • Global sourcing services
Proposal Management
We provide a comprehensive solution in this area and can support our clients in the development of proposals in response to solicitations, project definitions, etc.. and in the preparation of Statements of Work (SOW) or Statements of Requirements (SOR) for soliciting bids or proposals, and technical services.

Our activities in this service area include:
  • Proposal development
  • Requirements management 
Logistics & Supply Chain Management
We can offer a full range of Supply Chain Management and Logistics services. Our capabilities include supply chain evaluation, design, and development in addition to inventory and material analysis, operational audits and distribution channel design and development for logistics support.

Our activities in this service area include:
  • Supply chain evaluation
  • Supply chain design
  • Supply chain development
  • Logistics analysis
  • Distribution channel analysis and design
  • Operational audit
  • Materials and inventory analysis
Technical & Advisory Solutions
We provide a wide variety of ad hoc and unique technical and advisory solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Our activities in this service area include Technical solutions that may involve providing
  • Technical analysis
  • Technical reports
  • Best value analysis
  • Technical specifications development for goods and services
Project & Program Management
Our wealth of experience in managing the full lifecycle of programs and projects can be applied to support our client's specific requirements.

Our activities in this service area include:
  • Project/Program charter development
  • Project/Program administration
  • Project/Program monitoring
International Procurement Services
For clients that require international procurement services and solutions, TMS is well qualified to work with manufacturers, suppliers, international development agencies working in developing countries. Additionally, TMS can undertake missions into developing countries as required to fulfill our client needs.

Our activities in this service area include:
  • Global sourcing & procurement services
  • Undertake missions for clients
  • Inspection of goods and services
Contract Management
TMS has extensive experience in contract management and has managed contracts valued at several millions of dollars for a wide variety of goods and services, across the world. Our experience and services provided for our clients include monitoring contracts and sub-contracts of increasing complexity and value, managing contract change, inspection acceptance, payment, warranty, close-out and records retention management.

Our activities in this service area include:
  • Contract development
  • Contract negotiation
  • Contract review and analysis
  • Contract change management
Procurement Programs
As a full service procurement firm, we are capable of providing a wide variety of programs to support the tactical or strategic needs of our clients.

Our activities in this service area include:
  • Policy and operating procure development
  • Performance analysis/monitoring/improvement/management
  • Cost reduction and containment strategy development and execution
  • Training
  • Procurement planning and management
  • Market research and analysis
  • Supplier management
  • Procurement transformation
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